About us

TBB_Header_2014The Ballroom band creates a mix of old and new that is genuine and loving. Armed with double bass, mandolin, accordion and lap steel, to mix country music with an attitude from the alternative.

There is a stage, a backdrop, some lights and a shit load of talent. Just music and entertainment the way it’s meant to be!
The results we see today is that rare kind of a meeting when it all comes together between the songwriter Pelle and the singer Martin, a guitar and a few bottles of lager. They sat there and sang their favourite songs to each other – five songs later, they noticed that they had exactly the same kind of favourite songs – and further more so, Pelle had finally heard the voice he’d always been looking for.

Influences: The Band, Steve Earle, Wilco, AC/DC, Allman brothers, Waterboys mfl.

Biografi (Eng) BIO_theballroomband_2014_Eng

Photo: Hasse Lindén

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