MENYOU TOUR 23-31 March 2012

Menyou and The Ballroom Band hit the road!

The Ballroom Band and internet music service Menyou are teaming up and hitting the road. The mission: to spread some joy, warmth and knowledge. Joining them on the tour are prominent guests such as Daniel Lemma, Jesper Lindberg, Linda Ström, Johan Johansson, Christian Kjellvander and Anna Stadling.

That internet services and country rockers join forces is not all that common. But when Martin Andersson of The Ballroom Band first heard about Menyou, his curiosity was immediately aroused.

— I thought from the very start that here is a music service that sides with the artists, a service that wants to create something positive together with the artists and their audiences. I want to get involved with this.

After a few meetings with Menyou Martin was dubbed “head of artist relations”. In Martin’s mind, it was self evident that a tour had to be put together in order to reach out with the good word.

— The purpose of the tour is in part that we want to get out there and perform and have fun, but also that we want to spread the positive message. There are so many tools available these days. Tools that can be so helpful to get your music out there. There’s no doubt that Menyou is one of those tools that can really make a difference for musicians and artist, especially on the local level, says Martin.

The Menyou Tour kicks off March 23 on Södra Teatern, Stockholm and is wrapped up at Kulturhuset in Örebro March 31. The Ballroom Band will perform as a house band on all scheduled dates.

Tour Schedule

March 23 | Södra teatern, Stockholm

March 24 | Gävle teater

March 25 | TBA

March 26 | TBA

March 27 | Skandia Teatern, Norrköping

March 28 | Sigurdsgatan 25, Västerås

March 29 | Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad

March 30 | Vänersborgs Teater

March 31 | TBA, Örebro

About Menyou

Menyou is a new digital music service that makes it easy for anyone to share and sell music on the internet. Menyou wants to strengthen the bond between creators and their fans by providing easy to use solutions for the sale and distribution of digital media.

Read more about Menyou here:

About The Ballroom Band

This is a band for those of you who love stand up base, accordion, banjo, harmonica, dobro, steel guitar, mandolin, harmony and a good party. The Ballroom Band loves the music that came out of the late 60’s – early 70’s. Back then, an album was a spiritual journey, and a magic lesson in music. Back then, the album was what is was all about – not like today when a single or two is all that matters. You sat there with your new album, fiddling with the cover – and you knew exactly where and how it was made, and by whom – and you knew about every musician that played on the record. This is the attitude towards music that The Ballroom Band loves – and they are sure that there are others like them out there, who shares their passion for music and what music can do for us as human beings.

“It ́s difficult to believe this ain’t Nashville”

Fatea Magazine (UK)

“ I love this band… want to sit and listen to every word he sings ”

Jo Rae Di Menno – Johnny Cash & South by Southwest Music Festival (US)

The Ballroom Band:

MARTIN ”FRONTMAN” ANDERSSON – Vänersborg, Västergötland

Vocals, harmonica and acoustic guitar

Anders F Rönnblom, The Charge, Caj Karlsson

PELLE ANDERSSON – Sunnansjö, Dalarna

Organ, keyboards, accordion and mandolin.

Stefan Sundström, Totta Näslund, Ulf Stureson

JONAS LÖNNGREN – Delsbo, Hälsingland

Guitar, Telecaster Twang and lap steel.

Tanya Stephens, Papa Dee, Stefan Sundström, Anna Stadling

CLAS LASSBO – Borlänge, Dalarna

Stand up base

Lars Winnerbäck, Miss Li, Ola Magnell, Maia Hirasawa, Jennifer Brown, Stefan Sundström

PETER HJERPE – Roda, Värmland

Drums and percussion



Pedal steel guitar, banjo, mandolin.

Eldkvarn, Totta Näslund, Björn Afzelius, Anders F Rönnblom, Grus i Dojjan

Read more about The Ballroom Band here:

About the guest artists:


Daniel Lemma finds inspiration in early roots-music and the characteristic mix of gospel, blues, soul and rock by now feels like his own. To call it “retro” would be wrong. The music is here and now, the subjects universal. Let’s just say that all of you who have grown tired of plastic pop and the development of a cynic idol-factory: here’s a place for you to exhale.

Read more about Daniel Lemma here:


Anna’s first album was released before the launch of the ’00’s. The second one is launched now, when the ’00’s are over. This has been a decade where Anna has been seen constantly at the side of other artists such as Staffan Hellstrand, but perhaps first and foremost Lars Winnerbäck. Anna has also released two records together with Idde Schultz in a acclaimed duo project.  It seems something has always been in the way of the second solo album. Or perhaps, Anna has allowed things to get in the way. Her music is rooted in the americana heritage, where warm country meets mature rock and honest songwriting. And still, her songs travel – just as the title of her latest album reveals – to the north, She is born and raised in the Swedish north, just outside of Sundsvall, after all.

Read more about Anna Stadling here:


Cristian Kjellvander has performed his way to experience. He has been touring and singing his heart out in all corners of the globe. He has been writing songs for many years now, and perhaps this is why he can find the core of his own creativity with such ease. He hides nothing, and he never makes things complicated. It has been said that it takes 10 000 of hours of training before you can count yourself as one of the elite. Regardless of what you do, practice is what separates those who succeed from those who don’t. Christian Kjellvander has done his homework, first in the band Loosegoats and later in his own name.

Read more about Christian Kjellvander here:


Johan picks it up where he left of, in his own name. Cheerful “visprogg” with well aimed kicks to the establishment. He remains the thoughtful wordsmith, even if he has not been able to conjure up the anger that made his last album such a success. Johan – the grand old man of Swedish punk, with a past in KSMB – still plays a few live shows now and then, but these days he is most and foremost a producer – the very producer who discovered Lars Winnerbäck, back in the day. On the other hand, his signing voice sounds a lot better now, and with tracks like “En tavla av Picasso”, you cannot help but smiling. May it not be another 16 years until the next album comes out. (Borås Tidning 2011-10-05)

Read more about Johan Johansson here:

LINDA STRÖM (Cookies N Beans)

It’s twenty below zero outside. Smoke rises from our mouths. Grandmother and I shudder in the cold. It’s christmas morning, and we’re on our way to church in Ramsele to take part in the traditional christmas morning mass. Grandmother turns up the volume on the car stereo and from the speakers we hear Totta Näslund singing “Sex fot under marken”. Time stands still. Grandmother knows all the words and sings along between the drags on her cigarette. Halfway through the track, grandmother says: Linda, this is what music should sound like. Music should be felt in the heart. She gesticulates broadly. It’s a magic moment. I feel how everything falls into place. It’s right there, right then that I know how I will make my own music.

Read more about Linda Ström here:


Jesper Lindberg has played with everything and everyone. If you own a Swedish album from the 70‘s, the 80‘s or the 90‘s featuring the banjo – well, then it’s Mr. Lindberg. Jesper  has toured the world with artists such as Eldkvarn, Totta Näslundm Björn Afzelius, Anders F Rönnblom, Grus i dojan, Ola Magnell and so on. A world class entertainer!

Read more about Jesper Lindberg here:


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