The Ballroom band Club – Fall 2013

The Ballroom Band Club is back this fall!
20 Sep, 1 Nov & 12 Dec is when it all happens.
We will continue to invite other great artist jo join us on stage.
Most wellcome!

About TBBC:
This is where you find the best alt Swedish bands and artists that get invited by The Ballroom Band and together they create a every night in the name of “The Last Waltz”.

Artists that played at TBBC: Desmond Foster, Magnus Carlson, Christian Kjellvander, Johan Johansson, Cookies N beans, Anna Stadling, Lars Bygdén, Anders F Rönnblom, Stefan Sundström, Staffan Hellstrand, Caviar Days, Ska`n`Ska, Joseph Beckford, Papa Dee, Isak Strand, Carla Heinhold, Anna Maria Espinosa, Hybris Healers, Internal dread, Baba Richie & The Raags, Jesper Lindberg, Daniel Lemma, Perry and The travellers, Fröken Underbar, Fredrik Furu, Kristin Amparo & The Two O´clock hyenas, Cajsa Siik mfl

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