This is the music that we love and treasure, hold and behold and we’re sure that there’s more than a few of you real music lovers out there that shares our passion in what music actually can do for us humans! 

We are are still in love with the things that bands did in the late 60s & early 70s, when a great album was like a musical mystery tour and a magical lesson in musical knowledge, and not just a single piece of new merchandise to be flawed.

The Ballroom Band is:

MARTIN ”FRONTMAN” ANDERSSON – Vänersborg, Västergötland
Vocals, harmonica and acoustic guitar

PELLE ANDERSSON – Sunnansjö, Dalarna
Organ, keyboards, accordion and mandolin.

JONAS LÖNNGREN – Delsbo, Hälsingland
Guitar, Telecaster Twang & lap steel.

CLAS LASSBO – Borlänge, Dalarna
Double bass

PETER HJERPE – Roda, Värmland
Drums & Percussion

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